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In todays’ world we are constantly bombarded with sound.  Many sounds are enjoyable, in particular music but unfortunately there are many situations where music can become noise instead.

This website is aimed at everyone who enjoys music, as well as non-performing workers in the music and entertainment industry who may not have a choice about the decibel levels in their work environment.  If you are a professional musician, DJ, VJ or sound engineer, this website may be of more interest to you.

We should be aware of the various potential sources of noise and strive for healthier sound environments.  Music can become harmful if played at loud levels and a rock concert can be as high as 120dB.  Sound levels at nightclubs and gigs are not far off either, and quite often, having a good time out is synonymous with having our eardrums bashed whether we like it or not.  Preservation of good hearing should be a major concern for everyone who frequently listens to loud music at concerts, clubs, venues as well as those who use personal audio equipment at high volume levels.  Ringing in the ears after a concert or a temporary decrease in hearing indicates some level of damage to the inner part of the ear.

This website is NOT about:

  • stopping people from going to concerts, gigs, clubs or music festivals
  • preaching young people or telling people not to listen to music or playing music
  • making clubs or other venues turn their music down
  • not having fun while using your personal audio equipment like i-Pods, stereos or MP3 players

We want to increase the number of people who should be aware of the dangers and encourage people to take positive action to protect their hearing while having fun to prevent premature hearing damage.  We are keen on introducing the use of safe hearing protection to society in a positive, fun and relevant way, and we try to reach those who need them however and wherever we can. 

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